Lease Miles Overage Calculator App Reviews

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App doesn’t do much

Other options available that do more for less

Waste of money

Not sure where you guys learned math, but you’re wrong. Complete waste of money. I’ll go back to tracking in a spreadsheet.

Update deleted all my settings

Thought this was a good app. Then I took an update and it completely wiped all my data. No warning. No way to restore the “backup” that claims to use icloud. Annoyed.

Deleted my info

3 freaking cars I’m tracking on this app and the update deleted all information

Data Erased

Great app... until yesterday's update. All of my information was deleted. Now I must start all over again.

Bugs and Removes Features

This update deleted my previously-entered information and iCloud support seems to be missing. Now I have to input all my information again…

Only allows 1 car

I have 2 leased vehicles, but I can only track 1 with this app.

Too simplistic for my needs

- No mileage history journal, just the mileage now. - No graphs or charts - Very limited information / statistics (The entire app is only 3 screens... A lease terms set-up screen, a one page help screen, and a lease status screen.) - Mileage entries in whole miles only. (Not very useful or accurate, when your odometer has fractional miles to 1 decimal place.)

Great App

Well worth the money - I drive a lot and needed a way to track my mileage against my contract. The monthly miles currently don't seem to be resetting at the end of the month - it just continues to show total miles out of the allotted monthly miles (which is over) - hoping this gets fixed soon.

Basic tracker

Easy and to the point, not a lot of bells and whistles soooooooooo, maybe more of a $.99 app

Lost my favorite feature

Used for years and is simple and effective. Just wish they would bring back the option where it calculated how many miles you could drive per day averaging in how many miles you have left over.

Crashes on iPhone 6 Plus!

HORRIBLE APP! App flashes for an instant, and then crashes. It is completely unusable. Awful! Buyer beware!

It’s pretty, but the calculations are off

One of the better looking lease-tracking apps, but calculations for current estimated mileage are off (for me, it lowballed by 40 miles). Granted that’s better than overestimated mileage, but I’d prefer accuracy. How do I figure it’s off? Here’s my calculations, based on my current lease of 36,000 miles over 36 months: My lease runs June 18, 2014 to June 18, 2017, which means there’s 1096 days in my lease. As of the day I’m writing this review - August 4, 2014 - 47 days have elapsed since lease start, and my car had 24 miles on it when the lease began. The equation is easy: ((Miles allowed over term of lease) / (Number of days between Lease Start and Lease End)) * (Days elapsed since lease start) + (Odometer reading at lease start) = Current Allowed Odometer reading So, that would be: (36000/1096)*47+24 = 1568 (rounded up to nearest whole mile) Lease Miles says my current “Safe Reading” is 1528 miles, an under-estimate of 40 miles. Again, this is better than a figure that is too high… but math is math, and accuracy matters. If the low estimate is intentional, then the developer should make that known up front.


It now allows you to keep track of multiple cars. Simple and easy to use. Great update!

Good App, Very Simple

This is a simple app for checking where you are in your lease in terms of mileage. Set up your lease info (start date, start mileage, length of lease in months, overage charge per mile), enter your current odometer reading and it will tell you if you are over or under your allowance, your projected mileage at the end of the lease and the projected cost if you are over your limit. It's a good quick reference. The one thing I'd like to see is some sort of history so I can see & analyze my driving habits over the term of the lease.


Should compare your current mileage with safe limit and tell you approximately how miles you are safe or in the red

Pointless App.

I just leased a VW Jetta & was looking for an app. where I could enter in my daily miles and see how many miles I drove for that day, week, month, etc. All this app. is designed to do is inform you if u are over/under on ur lease miles. Do not waist ur hard earned money on this. I could have invented a MS Excel spreadsheet that does more for me. Just write down ur daily mile allotment in a notebook until a better app. arrives.

Very handy app.

Great app for keeping track of my lease miles. I'm currently 63 miles over my monthly alotment with 30 months left. It shows im on pace for $2000 of overages. One thing I would like to see is the overage cost of my miles if my lease ended today, not just the predicted amount. I highly recommend this app, worth every penny.

Just what I was looking for!

Enough said.

Awesome useful

Free is never better, that's why I decided getting this useful Application over their free competitors. Great design and it's going to save me some bucks for sure.

Excellent application!

I don't have to worry anymore for those extra miles... Just take a look at the iPhone, compare with the odometer and I know what to do. It is also amazing to plan ahead any trip. Bye to paper logs, this little program do more in just a second. Will recommend to anyone leasing a car.

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